Friday, April 9, 2010

PAD Challenge: Tarnac 9 (Rough), By V2057

Just got another PAD Challenge song from V2057. He describes his new track, Tarnac 9, saying:

I've been in a frenzy to finish this. Been working on it since wednesday, and its no where done but I wanted to send it out anyway. I used some of your combinators, but I honestly can't remember which ones and there was a lot of heavy tweaking going on. I really appreciate your dedication to Reason/Record, it keeps me motivated as well to work on songs. This song is titled Tarnac 9, under my artist label Lost Integrity.

Tarnac 9 (Rough), By V2057 by Reason Patch A Day

Learn more about V2057 at

As is the case with 1.44MB and Chris Stallone, V2057 provided me with an MP3 of his song, which I uploaded to the Patch A Day Soundcloud. I, in no way, claim any ownership of his work and all rights belong to V2057.


Hydlide (Edwin van der Heide) said...

I am digging the choice of instruments and the vibe that goes next to it.

Also the breakdown on the drums sound pretty cool. I like the atmosphere and the tone that is being set with this track!

Good stuff :D

Chris Stallone said...

great track

Patch-A-Day Robbneu said...

I was trying to make sure I comment on everyone's tracks and missed yours, V2057. Sorry about that.

Tarnac 9 is a really nice track. I can only mirror Hydlide's comments in saying that I really like the vibe and atmosphere you've built up in this one. My own possible criticism is that it seems a little short. Or, at least, I wanted to hear more when it ended.

I know you said this one might still need some work, so if you finish it up, be sure to let us all know. I'm sure we'd all like to hear the final version.

dj mad wax said...

I've dug every bodies contribution to the PAD challenge so far, nice to hear the varied style and sounds people are extracting from Reason/Record...

V2057 said...

Thanks for the kind words guys. I'll definitely send the finished version when it arrives. I'm well accustomed to making deadlines for myself to be more productive, and this challenge pressured me to make a song quickly. Good job everyone!

Jeremy said...

I love it, excellent work.

Excellent sound selection for the primary melodies.