Friday, April 9, 2010

PAD Challenge: Drones2, By Hydlide

Hydlide was the first person to get his entry to me, sending in Drones2 yesterday, stating:

I started on friday with one 'experiment', it failed... however, I did make this huge pad from the ground up. So I re-used that in a new production where I made a new rack, took the pad again and worked with that as a basis.

There's some heavy stuff going on in this track, and everything was build from the ground up. I mostly used the subtractors as the main synthesis, added some samples left and right to fill up the transitions and went heavy on the drums (thats what I very often do these days).

I used one section of your patch a day blog, which was (ironically) a loop (Renoise DrRex post). I couldn't find the right angle making it sound electro beat like as I originally planned (hence the first experiment kind of failed on me).

But then again, genre doesn't matter.. so, i threw in a combi of ambience, house and progressive all together. I don't even know if there's a genre that is related to this style. But then again, I often blend certain styles together and go from there.

Drones2 by Hydlide

Please leave any contructive criticism or thoughts you might have about Hydlide's track in the comments. Also, be sure to check out Hydlide's website The Sound of Reason. He has an incredible number of tools and tutorials for Reason available at this site and on YouTube, so go take a look.


Patch-A-Day Robbneu said...

Really nice track, Hydlide! When I was dreaming up the kind of track I wanted to do for my own entry into the PAD Challenge, it was something along the lines of what you came up with, but my end result was much different, as you know. You mentioned being a fan of Wipeout in one of your recent podcasts and I can totally imagine leading Harimau International to a victory in Karbonis while this pumps in the background. :)

1.44MB said...

Hydlide - clearly I need to find time to go and peruse your video tutorials. I really like this track - a bit prog, a bit goa, a bit Eat Static, a bit Astral Projection. Nice transitions and subtle filter tweaks. I always liked tracks in this genre and this one brings back echos of earlier days stomping around clubs in Berlin. Nice one. I need to get myself a little more edumukated and make some tracks like this.

John said...

This should totally be in Wipeout! Awesome!