Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Pad Challenge: Phase Two Is On!

Okay, a few days ago I put up a post asking everyone what they thought of offering up their PAD Challenge songs for remix purposes, and even after I moaned and complained about the possible technical issues with doing so, the response was decidedly positive. So, here's how it's going to work:

I heard back from almost everyone, except V2057, saying that they were fine with their songs being remixed. If you need a refresher, here are all of the available tracks (posted in reverse order):

15728, By Lewis.72 by Reason Patch A Day

2048, By Jeremy by Reason Patch A Day

Ostbahnoff "That's a Great Color Combination," By DJ Mad Wax by Reason Patch A Day

Sunrise, By Chris Stallone by Reason Patch A Day

Space Clouds, By Chris Stallone by Reason Patch A Day

BurnArea, By 1.44MB by Reason Patch A Day

Vathi, By 1.44MB by Reason Patch A Day

Drones2 by Hydlide

Breaching The Heliopause by Reason Patch A Day

There are just a couple of technical hiccups with these tracks:

  • DJ Mad Wax's track Ostbahnoff "That's a Great Color Combination" uses the Goldbaby Tape 808 and 909 refills, as well as the Filter Research Refill
  • Jeremy used a homebrew refill he got from a friend, but also used the Propellerhead Strings refill
  • My entry, Breaching the Heliopause, uses Propellerhead Record

As Jeremy pointed out, we can get around some of this by exporting sub-mixes to WAV, which might result in some pretty big files sizes, making sharing our source files a little more difficult, but certainly not impossible. So, at this point, everyone just needs to lay claim to the track or tracks they want to remix. Lewis.72 mentioned he'd like to take a crack at Jeremy's track 2048. I'm thinking I'd like to see if I can do anything with either 1.44MB's BurnArea or Vathi.

Keep in mind, this isn't musical chairs, so you're not stuck with working on leftover tracks if someone else lays claim to them. If everyone decided they wanted to remix the same track, that would be fine. So, in the comments, please post which track or tracks you would like to work on. I have everyone's email addresses, so I'll try to organize things behind to scenes and make sure that files get to who needs them.

I'm a little hesitant to set a deadline, because I'm not sure how much time it will take for us to get everyone's files passed around. Let's shoot for two weeks and see how things are coming along at the beginning of May.

One last thing. I'm not a lawyer and I certainly don't pretend to have a good understanding of the legal issues surrounding copyright and such, but I'd like us all to adhere to a little "gentleman's agreement" regarding these tracks and their use. Any remixes completed via this second phase of the Challenge belong to their original authors. The name of the track cannot be changed and ownership of the song cannot be disputed. Remixers are, however, allowed a byline with their remixed track, so for example, if Chris Stallone were to remix Hydlide's track it would be "Drones2 (Stallone's Funky House Mix), by Hydlide."

Does that seem fair?


Lewis.72 said...

That seems fair, as long as I don't have to name mine the "Funky House Mix" ;-). I'd like to try my hand at remixing jeremy's "2048" and Chris Stallone's "Sunrise" if that's cool with the rest of you. When I listened to both of those tracks originally I envisioned remixes.

1.44MB said...

I'm up for a crack at either (or both?!) DJ Mad Waxs Ostbanhoff or our esteemed hosts Heliopause track.

1.44MB said...

Ah crap - I just remembered Robs track is in record.... which I don't have - that means your track is off limits to me right?

Chris Stallone said...

i thought maybe
Ostbahnoff "That's a Great Color Combination," By DJ Mad Wax, BurnArea By 1.44MB , or 15728 By Lewis.72

but i'll take any really

V2057 said...

hey, sorry i've not been around. I'm completely ok with my track being remixed. do you need an .rns file or anything?

dj mad wax said...

this is great. I think everyone could just make 8 bar stems rather than dumping entire song stems, I will make mine available tomorrow.

dj mad wax said...

I'd like to remix heliopause if 1.44mb is cool with doing mine?

1.44MB said...

Yup, fine with me.

dj mad wax said...

here's a link to the remix parts for ostbahnoff-colorcombination

Lewis.72 said...

Good idea dj mad wax. If anyone's interested in checking mine out, here's a link to the .rns file:

1.44MB said...

OK, got 'em. Yikes - I was expected an rns file or something but since this is meant to be a challenge an' all a bucket full of .wavs will work just fine.

Hydlide (Edwin van der Heide) said...

I'v dropped mine here:

Just incase someone needs it (samples are included)

Chris Stallone said... mine both here

started on Lewis.72's & Hydlide's might get round Mad Waxs too

Hydlide (Edwin van der Heide) said...

I just downloaded Lewis and Chris his stuff. Currently I am going through a non productive phase though (busy @ work etc).

So i'll have to stick with the next weekends orso to see if I can get something out of this stuff.

Would be awesome.

Patch-A-Day Robbneu said...

It took a little while, but I think I'm caught up with regards to everyone having the files they need. Thanks, guys, for doing so much of that yourselves. I appreciate that.

I spent my Breaching The Heliopause files to 1.44MB and DJ Mad Wax, but if you guys are checking the comments here, you can download the audio at: