Friday, April 9, 2010

PAD Challenge: Burn Area and Vathi, By 1.44MB

I received these two tracks from 1.44MB last night and instantly felt inadequate. I started the challenge and only came up with one song, while 1.44MB managed to crank out a couple during his lunch break! Sigh. Good job, 1.44MB!

Of his songs for the Challenge, 1.44MB says:

Burn area is pretty similar to a lot of stuff I make whereas Vathi is much more upbeat. I'd like to be more upbeat more of the time but I feel I (my tracks) sound cheesy when I try. So, cheesy or not, I want to push Vathi out there for comments to see how I might be able to tweak it to sound a little cooler?!. Apart from your latest subtractor drumkit (which isn't really used with enough variation here) Vathi doesn't include much PAD input hence I've included Burn Area which is 100% PAD...... and in the spirit of the challenge only took 2 lunch times to lash up!

BurnArea, By 1.44MB by Reason Patch A Day

Vathi, By 1.44MB by Reason Patch A Day

Please note that 1.44MB provided me with MP3s of his songs which I uploaded to the Patch A Day Soundcloud. I, in no way, claim any ownership of his work and all rights belong to 1.44MB.


Patch-A-Day Robbneu said...

1.44MB, I liked Burn Area a lot, but given my own interest in ambient/drone music, I suppose that's pretty easy to predict. I have to admit, the "main" sound that plays throughout the entire track got a little wearing for me, but the really soft, subtle sounds you had playing around it where really intriguing. I really liked the last minute or so of the track, because it seemed to become more about those softer sounds and atmosphere, than the higher pitched tone you used throughout.

You know, I'm not sure what Vathi needs. It might just need to be shorter, with each element coming in and out a little faster. That synth lead that comes in around 3:30 seems a little bright, so maybe drop a compressor over it and lower the level. I'm not sure. I'm just brainstorming a little. I think what you have is good, though. Maybe the drums just need a little more heft to them. I really don't think it's cheesy at all and I really liked the more broken down part near the end, around 7:30. That bass tone that comes in is great.

1.44MB said...

Thanks for the comments Rob. They all speak to my major weakness of simply having too much other stuff going on in my life to be able to devote enough time to the fine art of mixing and playing more thoroughly with the structure of my tracks. I agree that Vathi is probably a bit on the long side - more layers, structure and variation would be good - I always admired Orbitals talent for layering sounds - I was listening to Mock Tudor last night wishing I had time to create something similar.

The pain on the Burn Area track was semi intentional - I wanted to try to get that feeling of pain mixed with enveloping sadness we have when something precious is lost. I'll definitely play with it though - maybe the areas of pain can be quantized a little more for greater effect.

John said...

I really enjoyed Vathi. Definitely needs some tweaking, and maybe a little too long, but very awesome!

1.44MB said...

Thanks John - I knew anything I put up here would fall under the catagory of 'needs more tweaking' but I wanted to support Robs challenge as a way of saying thanks for all the stuff he's put out.

In the spirit of PAD I'm quite willing to give the original RNS file to anyone who wants to tweak it and/or point me in the direction of righteousness!

Hydlide (Edwin van der Heide) said...

Burn Area would fit pretty good inside something Cinematic. I think that there is a story behind the song itself.

It just flows pretty well, and it has this nice 'phased' like sound that just adds to the dynamics.

Personally, I would have mixed that 'static' sound effect with the mixer a tiny bit to emphasize the drama aspect of that sound effect just a tiny bit.

Vathi has a nice beat to it, and it started of pretty well. And I have to agree with the point Robb is making with that lead that kicks in (I think its a thor/rhytmic patch if i'm not mistaken). The problem part comes from 2 areas I believe, first it is too clear and jumps out and second it has this 'pitch' effect in the beginning of the notes which also makes it really distinctive

It has a lot of potential when mixed down a bit (or tweaked different).

Also appreciate the fact that you have accomplished 2 songs on such a short notice here!

1.44MB said...

Thanks for taking the time to comment in a useful way - these comments are just the kind of prodding I need to get me moving towards actually polishing something up a little.

Patch-A-Day Robbneu said...

1.44MB... I hope my comments didn't come across as harsh or anything. You're certainly being humble about your tracks, but I think you've got some great sounds and ideas in both of them. I was just trying to brainstorm ways you could improve them, because it sounded like you wanted suggestions. My suggestions, unfortunately, are of the "throw it against the wall and see what sticks" variety, so take away from them anything you think might be useful and discard the rest.

I completely agree with Hydlide. I'm extremely impressed you were able to work out two songs in just a week. For a while I didn't think I'd be able to get the one done in time, so we'll done!