Thursday, April 15, 2010

The PAD Challenge: Phase Two

If you read the comments here on PAD, you already know what I'm about to announce, but while in the middle of working on my own track for the PAD Challenge, it struck me that since we're using many of the same tools, we should be able to open each other's tracks. And, if we can do that, why not add a second, remix part to the PAD Challenge?

The problem is, we're not all using the same tools. Many of us are using refills, including commercial refills, that others of us might not have. And, others of us might be using additional software via rewire or other tools, that many of us might not have. Even if we had all restricted ourselves to Propellerhead Software, there still might be gaps that make our individual projects less portable. For example, I put my track together in Record, rather than just using Reason, so what seemed like a simple idea might not really be all that practical.

So, I want to hear from you. Are any of you even interested in a remix step to the PAD Challenge? Those of you who submitted tracks, would you be open to making your tracks available for remix? And, if you would be interested in having your fellow readers take a crack at your track (that sounded... wrong), what additional refills or tools did you use? Would it even be possible for others to work with your source file to remix?

I'll start. Breaching The Heliopause was created, as I said, using Record + Reason, using patches that have been posted here on PAD. So, to remix the track, using my original file, you'd need Record and Reason installed on your computer.

Anyone else? Let me know what you think about the remix idea in the comments.


1.44MB said...

After absorbing the comments from last week I've been working further on the tracks I submitted. I'm very open to someone else ripping them up and reworking them. Both were very vanilla in their makeup - made entirely within Reason using the standard libaries and PAD patches.

Jeremy said...

I'm totally down for both destroying others and having mine destroyed to the fullest extent possible!

In fact, coincidentally I'd wanted to do this prior to this announcement anyway, so win for me!

That being said, I used two commercial refills in my track and of course, as was stated, my vocals were tracked seperately.

I would be perfectly happy to supply all my vocal tracks either dry or done as I did, but that leaves the refill bit.

One of the refills is a homebrew by a friend of mine localy, so that wouldn't be a problem as I could supply it as well.

The other however is the Propellerhead Strings refill, which obviously some may have and some may not, and, well, it costs money, so I can't supply that part.


I could make a .wav file of the output of that subgroup of channels, and it would be up to the user to align and use it as they see fit.

Obviously my end of things might be far more complicated than others on here, and I would wholeheartedly understand if no one wanted to go through the series of file transfers and other nonsense necessary to make it work.

I will still remix the crap out of you guys though!

So count me in!

Lewis.72 said...

I think it's a great idea! I haven't nearly finished mine, but I'm going to send you an mp3 tomorrow - one way or another. My piece uses only PAD and FSB patches, so compatibility ain't an issue. And I'd love to try and do something with Jeremy's track if no one else wants to deal with the .wav files.. . I'd probably want to use Live though, just easier for me when dealing with audio.

Hydlide (Edwin van der Heide) said...

I wouldnt mind sharing my song as an RNS (4). Its refill free, I only added a few custom drums that are just 'samples' which I can self contain inside the song ;)

Chris Stallone said...

im in
both of mine are reason 4 project's with no Refills

dj mad wax said...

I'm in as well. so Robb, whats the next step?

Patch-A-Day Robbneu said...

Thanks for all the feedback, guys. Let me organize my thoughts a little bit and I'll get up a new post about this, so we can get rolling.