Monday, November 19, 2012

Kick Toolkit Review on Resonate Filter!

Lewis, over at the always interesting Resonate Filter blog, recently posted a review of my Kick Toolkit Refill. The review was embarrassingly positive and Lewis even took the time to do a short interview with me, as well as a post a quick video demo of the refill. If you're still on the fence regarding my refill, Lewis does a great job outlining what you can expect to find in it's many folders.

If you haven't already added Resonate Filter to your list of blogs to visit on a daily basis, I recommend you do. It's one of the first blogs I read everyday. Lewis does an outstanding job finding an eclectic mix of articles about music production beyond the usual "hot topics" that make the rounds on the other sites. Lewis has also been kind enough to contribute to the blog!

If Lewis' review convinces you that you can't live without your own copy of the Kick Toolkit Refill, you can learn more about it and purchase it here or you can hit the sidebar on the right!

Thanks, Lewis!