Friday, February 26, 2010

52 Reason and Record Tips - Week 2

James Bernard's second video has just been posted and presents another great tip.

52 Reason and Record Tips Week 2 from James Bernard on Vimeo.

Again found via Lewis.72's much more up-to-date Resonant Filter blog.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

52 Reason and Record Tips - Week 1

This has been making the rounds just about everywhere, but it's well worth reposting to Reason Patch A Day, in case someone has missed it. James Bernard from Propellerhead Software is posting a video tip for Record or Reason every week.

This week's tip is how to create a "rhythmic gate" in Record. As is often the case, even after so many years of using Reason, I'm surprised by how incredibly flexible the cabling system in Reason/Record can be, and how much freedom the user has in creating these kinds of "out of the box" effects. I know that the Reason/Record package isn't unique in being able to do these kinds of things, but having used Logic for almost as long as I've been using Reason, I still couldn't begin to guess how you might do this same thing in that DAW.

52 Reason and Record Tips by James Bernard Week 1 from James Bernard on Vimeo.

Enjoy! For those of you still sitting on the fence with regards to Record, this video might be a good peek at what you're missing.

Thanks Lewis.72 for letting me know about this over on Resonant Filter.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More Patches Every Day... Elsewhere!

Apparently the challenge of designing a new instrument patch every day is alluring to other folks!

Ghostly has just started his blog, Alesis Micron - Patch A Day, creating a new patch for his damn sexy Alesis Micron, every single day. And Hydlide has also started his own series of articles called "Propellerhead Reason 4 - A Patch a Day" on his website The Sound of Reason. Check out his progress so far by visiting him here.

If I can offer any unsolicited advice, its this: not every patch will work, so don't be afraid to fail or put up a stinker from time to time. Just own up to it when the patches don't quite come out the way you wanted and try to enjoy the process. It can be a little maddening, but also a lot of fun.

Thanks, guys, for helping to prove this idea has some merit! Good luck to you both and I hope both of your attempts at this crazy process is rewarding!