Sunday, April 11, 2010

PAD Challenge: 2048, By Jeremy

Here's a late entry to the PAD Challenge from reader Jeremy, a funky kind of track that he humbly describes by saying:

I'm not sure if this is legal or not submission wise, but I don't have Record (need more money!), so the vocals were done in Reaper and the stems ran through Recycle and thereafter Dr R.

I'm not very good about talking about my music and I don't know genres and such it seems, so if anything is to be said about it..

it's goofy?

2048, By Jeremy by Reason Patch A Day

Not goofy at all, Jeremy. Thanks for submitting it, even if you did miss the deadline by a day. I think I've said this before, but this is definitely a case of the more being the merrier, so I'm glad to have your submission.


Lewis.72 said...

Wow! Great track Jeremy. Really love the vocal treatment. Rather than "goofy" I'd call this strange and a bit unhinged. If this had been a contest I'd vote for you as the winner ;-).

Hydlide (Edwin van der Heide) said...

Awesome track, I love the vocal repeater/glitch effects. The track flows very well from start to finish!

There's just one piece of constructive criticism that I want to point out (you might agree or disagree with it if you like ;)). The problem I personally have with the vocal/instrument level is that I had a problem with 'listening' to the vocal somewhere at the ending of the song.

This thing happens because of 2 things: the leads take the same space of the vocal, and second the song gets more crowded over time.

Making it more crowded isn't a bad thing, it is called 'progression in the song', which is good.

However, this also leads into that certain sounds can't get through as they would normally would.

To solve this issue you could do 2 things: Mix it a bit differently while the track progresses (edit automation on the mixer 14:2 for instance) or second, use EQing on the range of 1kHz - 3kHz while the song progresses on parts that feel too crowded at that point.

It might sound that I am nit picking here, but as I am always kind of like 'the teacher' in stuff like this, I always feel the need to help people to improve their skills.

It's an awesome soundtrack though as you have delivered it. It's not as goovy as you would call it, it's different and I love the originality or your track, this also makes this song jump out from the rest, which is awesome :D