Thursday, November 25, 2010

AREX 2011 Has Been Updated!

Over a month ago, I posted about a new Yamaha RX11 VSTi being created by an ambitious programmer named Alex. Having a physical copy of the machine, I served as "technical advisor" to Alex, as he worked out the bugs, but ironically got the model of the drum machine wrong in my post... so much for being a very good technical advisor!

As you may remember, the VST was created in Synthedit and is a very faithful digital recreation of one of my beloved, old eBay conquests. It looks great and sounds terrific, and as I frequently like to say here on Reason Patch A Day, provides an interesting alternative to the "usual" 80s drum machines that we all sample and use in our projects.

Alex was nice enough to let me know that he recently made an update of his APEX 2011 VSTi available, so I wanted to let everyone here know that the new version is available for download. Check it out at: