Friday, April 9, 2010

PAD Challenge: Sunrise and Space Clouds, By Chris Stallone

Like 1.44MB, Chris Stallone shames me by turning in two songs in the time I took me to only complete one. He has only a few comments about his new songs, but those comments are provided below:

"sunrise" i made in the week and spent more time on (various patches. yours, hydilde, L72 & my own)

"space clouds" is only hours old and i only used your patches although i tweaked alot of them

i dont think i completely finished them but i'd send them anyway

Sunrise, By Chris Stallone by Reason Patch A Day

Space Clouds, By Chris Stallone by Reason Patch A Day

As is the case with the submissions from Hydlide and 1.44MB, feedback is welcome and appreciated, but please keep the comments constructive and in the spirit of this challenge.


Lewis.72 said...

Damn! Some great songs were turned in, really impressed by everyone's entries so far!

Chris Stallone's "Sunrise" sounds like a modern take on those synth laden 80's American TV show themes (i.e. Airwolf and Equalizer.) I'm a sucker for syncopated synths and rhythms which this piece has in spades.

"BurnArea" is haunting! Love the effect that sounds a bit like a kettle of tea on the stove.

And "Drones2" is a real stomper! Of course I was expecting nothing less of Hydlide, seeing as he is the master of Reason video tutorials.

I'm giving myself another week, because I'm nowhere near finished and would feel embarrassed having my half-baked stuff stand next to these gems ;-).

1.44MB said...

Hey Lewis.72 thanks for the comment on Burn Area. I say submit what you have! Your sentiments about what you have so far and hesitation to put it out there pretty much sum up what I feel about the Vathi track..... the drums need soooo much more work.... overall the EQ is flat... needs more subtle detail etc etc. Probably the nature of making tunes - there's always something else to tweak!

Patch-A-Day Robbneu said...

I liked Sunrise quite a bit, Chris, but whereas I thought it was mostly just a pleasant little tune, Space Clouds really felt like it was going somewhere. I'm not sure how to describe it, but something about Space Clouds had a strong intensity to it that made it more interesting for me. They're both cool tracks, but of the two, I really dug Space Clouds.

John said...

I really enjoyed both tracks. They both evoke different feelings. Sunrise is my favorite of the two. So ambient and peaceful!

Hydlide (Edwin van der Heide) said...

Both songs sound pretty cool. There is a nice dark touch inside space clouds while sunrise feels more warm and dynamic.

I love the electro beats that play along inside these 2 songs and it sounds like its ment to be in these 2 arrangements.

Awesome job putting these 2 tracks together on such short notice!

Jeremy said...

Sunrise was great, everything sat where it should it seemed, which is something I can rarely achieve.