Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Soundcloud Song: Descent

Here's another ambient track I made, this time using Record, and patches that are available for download here on Reason Patch A Day. It is similar in a few ways to Separation, which I also posted via Soundcloud, but maybe not as polished. I feel like, at least in a few places, Descent becomes monotonous. I might need to revisit this one and finalize it.

Descent by Reason Patch A Day

Instrument Patches: Alone In The Library, Bass Bellows (not yet shared here), Drifting To Jupiter, Keyhole, Lustral + Between Saturn's Rings, Memory, Ruby, and The Snickers of Shadows

Effect Patches: Airport Music, Borealis, Borealis2, Campfire, Interesting, Rough Around The Edges, and SubWide

Can I feature one of your tracks here? As I've said, in numerous posts, I'd like to hear what you've done with any of the patches provided on this blog. Send me a Soundcloud link to your track or email me your MP3 or RNS file and I'll post it here. My only requirement for featuring a reader track is that you have used a patch or sound from this blog somewhere in your track.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Moby's Drum Machine Collection

I think this has already made the rounds, but I just saw it, and thought it was worth posting for those of you who haven't yet gotten the guided tour through Moby's analog drum machine collection. There are some really cool noise-making boxes on his shelves.

Found over on Gizmodo.

I didn't spy any of the old Yamahas on his shelf, like the RX15, RX17, or the RX120, so I guess Moby isn't as cool as I originally thought. Maybe its his aversion to digital. Still, he has a nice collection. (insert liberal smileys here)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Reason Patch A Day is... on Twitter?

Occasionally I use Stat Counter to take a peek at where people are coming from when they visit Reason Patch A Day. Sometimes its interesting, as a link to this blog will get posted in some genre discussion forum I've never heard of, and it can be a lot of fun to get a glimpse at what's going on in corners of the internet that I've never seen before.

A lot of traffic comes from what I consider "sister" sites, like Lewis.72's Resonant Filter , my buddy DJ Mad Wax's City of Bass site, or the new, excellent Phi Sequence Music blog. I do what I can to promote these blogs, so it's great to see people discovering Patch A Day through them, as well.

But every once in a while, I find something really strange. For example, there's a Japanese site that (I think) is dedicated to the Casio VL-Tone, where Patch A Day is linked. Or, there's the Russian DJ site where my combinator skins were being discussed a while back. And then, there's the stuff I just can't wrap my head around. For example, the recent traffic I've been seeing from the Patch A Day twitter feed.

Reason: Patch A Day (reasonpatchaday) on Twitter

The part that confuses me is that I never signed up for a Twitter feed. I've never even used it, so I have no clue how this happened or how it's being maintained. I suspect its automatic, but Google, which hosts Blogspot, doesn't have any link to Twitter that I'm aware of. It seems like something I should have signed up for, and there is a log-in option, but I have no clue how to get in and make it work.

Anyone have any knowledge they can share to explain this? I'm really baffled.