Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Soundcloud Song: Descent

Here's another ambient track I made, this time using Record, and patches that are available for download here on Reason Patch A Day. It is similar in a few ways to Separation, which I also posted via Soundcloud, but maybe not as polished. I feel like, at least in a few places, Descent becomes monotonous. I might need to revisit this one and finalize it.

Descent by Reason Patch A Day

Instrument Patches: Alone In The Library, Bass Bellows (not yet shared here), Drifting To Jupiter, Keyhole, Lustral + Between Saturn's Rings, Memory, Ruby, and The Snickers of Shadows

Effect Patches: Airport Music, Borealis, Borealis2, Campfire, Interesting, Rough Around The Edges, and SubWide

Can I feature one of your tracks here? As I've said, in numerous posts, I'd like to hear what you've done with any of the patches provided on this blog. Send me a Soundcloud link to your track or email me your MP3 or RNS file and I'll post it here. My only requirement for featuring a reader track is that you have used a patch or sound from this blog somewhere in your track.

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