Friday, November 21, 2008

.43 Yamaha RX15 Digital Rhythm Programmer

A step down from the more advanced and versatile RX11, the RX15 only has 12 pads for triggering 15 hits, all of which are routed through two audio outputs (left and right mono and headphones). Like the RX11, the RX15 was an 8-bit machine that lacked velocity sensitivity, but had options for accent control, volume, and panning for each onboard sound.

The RX11 and RX15 shared more than a similar design; they also shared their sounds. For example, the RX15's Bass Drum is identical to the RX11's Medium Bass Drum 1. The RX15's Clap hit is identical to the RX11's Hand Claps 1 sample, and so on. If you're just after the sounds from these machines, rather than trying to recreate the machines themselves, you shouldn't need to download the RX15 files in addition to the RX11 files provided yesterday.

The hits included here were sampled from a Yamaha RX15 Digital Rhythm Programmer, Serial Number 14798. For an accurate RX15 experience, do not trigger the Rimshot and Snare Drum (either Medium or Hi Tune) samples on the same beat. Also, the HH Open and HH Closed (Closed or Pedal) samples cannot be used on the same beat.

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