Sunday, May 9, 2010

Challenge Remix: Ostbanhoff (Thielplatz Imbisstube Remix) and Breaching The Heliopause (Rutherform Appleton Remix)

1.44MB sent me his remixes yesterday to get them in on time, but unfortunately, I got too busy with family stuff to get them posted along with the rest of the remixes I received. As is usually the case, my inability to get them posted should in no way reflect on these remixes. They're awesome:

Ostbanhoff - colorcombination - 124bpm 1.44mbs Thielplatz Imbissstube Remix by 1.44mb

Breaching the Heliopause - 1.44mbs Rutherford Appleton Remix by 1.44mb

1 comment:

dj mad wax said...

I really dig how you've added a different perspective and view of the original tracks while stamping it with your own sound, if you will.

especially with the ostbanhoff remix, you took what was an okay groover track and gave it some much needed energy! dope

I like how you took Robb's track and gave it a slight progressive/trancey feel without losing touch with the tracks roots...