Saturday, May 8, 2010

Challenge Remix: 15728 Remixes, By Chris Stallone

I got these remix files from Chris Stallone last night. What Chris may be lacking in verbosity about his remixes, he's certainly not lacking in ambition. Here are two remixes of the track 15728 by Lewis.72:

15728 (Chris Stallone Remix), By Lewis.72 by Reason Patch A Day

15728 (Chris Stallone Stuttered Mix), By Lewis.72 by Reason Patch A Day

Thanks for participating, Chris!


Lewis.72 said...

Dig both of these! Actually like them better than my original. Can I just send all my half-baked pieces to you in the future Chris? ;-)

dj mad wax said...

this is the deep business, I preferred the stuttered mix however, which to me sounded less stuttered than the the first mix, but it could be the alcohol talking :) reminds me of a classic harthouse records techno dude jiri.ceiver highly recommend his full length CD to anyone who's a fan of this kind of techno!