Saturday, May 8, 2010

Challenge Remix: BurnArea (Nociceptor Mix)

So, here's my remix of 1.44MB's track, BurnArea:

BurnArea (Nociceptor Mix) by Reason Patch A Day

I added quite a bit to 1.44MB's original track, hence my previous statement about making the song more mine than his, but if we set aside the issue of "ownership," I have to say I really enjoyed working on this song. It feels more like a collaboration at this point than a remix, but it was a lot of fun, either way.

In adding to BurnArea, I used the following patches from Reason Patch A Day:

Instrument Patches: Darker Dream 2, Dreams of Being A Harpsichord, Snapdragon, The Snickers of Shadows, Tachyon Eddies, Thaw

Effect Patches: A Little Darker, Airport Music, Borealis, Drone Chorus, Elusive, Latent Period, Simple Mastering


Lewis.72 said...

I like what you did with this one... You took a track with a haunting ambience and fleshed it out, so its now menacing. Cool!

1.44MB said...

Here I am desparately trying to stop making 10 minute long drone fests....... you're not helping you know!
Yes definitely a different track - my concept for the original was something sparse, skeletal, harsh & bleached out. This is a lot more involved and non the worse for it. I thought the original was very earthy whereas this remix floats around in space (in a good way). I like the mood-changing constrast at ~5mins - very horror film. I'll be interested in the rns file to play with a bit.

dj mad wax said...

dig this Robb. I would have liked to hear some sci-fi samples sprinkled throughout, this has a great desolate dead city of the future feel to it.