Saturday, May 8, 2010

Challenge Remix: Heliopause (Mit Vergnügen Mix), by DJ Mad Wax

Here's the first completed remix, DJ Mad Wax's mix of my own song, Breaching The Heliopause. I admitted to Wax in email that I had a hard time recognizing my song in the drum and bass track he built around it, but its definitely in there, under a few additional layers of awesome. Wax had this to say about it:

I took all your remix parts as wavs and made REX files. Rebuilt your original song with the rex files, then began constructing a drum n bass version using breakbeat loops and my own breaks. As I built it, I added some new keyboards for the jazzy feel to complement the sounds I had from the remix, and added the deep bass line.

Heliopause (Mit Vergnügen Mix) by ostbahnoff

Nice work, Wax! Thanks! I really dig this!


Lewis.72 said...

Fan-f*kcing-tastic! This had me dancing in my chair. Nice work.

1.44MB said...

I soooooooo should have taken this approach to the ostbanhoff track ;-)

Nice. I'm a sucka for light footed dnb.

My remix of the same track is umm more subtle.

dj mad wax said...

I played this one for the lady to get the female feedback, and her comments helped out greatly as originally that deep sub bassline was a hoover that changed the entire feel of the track! thanks Mrs. Wax

this PAD challenge, and the original one has me inspired to finish my studio build out so I can get to proper mixdowns on the studio monitors again.

I would love it if we all chose one track in particular and we all remixed the same track as another challenge sometime, would be fun!