Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bragware Report: 1.44 MB's "a different petit besoin"

You might remember reader 1.44MB from the PAD Challenge that took place back in April of 2010.

The PAD Challenge was a pretty simple idea, brought about when another reader, Ruurd Huizenga, sent me a full week's worth of reader contribution patches, effectively giving me a break from my blogging responsibilities. So, having the week off, I challenged myself to create a new track, something I wasn't doing much of at the time (or now, for that matter). That personal challenge to create something new lead to a challenge to my readers and seven fellow Reason users joined me in creating new tracks while Ruurd's unintentional clocked ticked away the week. It was a lot of fun and while I'm not completely satisfied with my own contribution to the challenge, it felt pretty great to get something new done.

1.44MB was the only reader who submitted two tracks to the challenge, Burn Area and Vathi, and participated in the remix challenge a couple of weeks later, remixing my track Breaching the Heliopause and DJ Mad Wax's Ostbanhoff.

After two years of posting reminders that the patches here on Reason Patch A Day are bragware, I recently received an email from 1.44MB telling me that he used the Lone Cry REX file in a track. Finally! Someone willing to brag! He calls the track "'a different petit besoin" and you can find it on his Soundcloud page.

a different petit besoin by 1.44mb

In an email exchange he and I shared, 1.44MB mentioned, "I'd love to figure out how the really good chaps on Soundcloud get such crisp, voluminous sounding tracks," so if you have any constructive suggestions to offer, please leave them for him on Soundcloud.

Thanks for sharing your work, 1.44MB! It's great to hear Reason Patch A Day patches and sounds in action. If anyone else has used a patch or loop in a finished track, I want to hear about it. Leave a link where you've hosted your project in the comments section or send me an e-mail at patchaday (at) earthlink (dot) net and I'll put up a post like this one so others can hear what you've done.

Thanks again, 1.44MB, for being the first to step forward!


1.44MB said...

Thanks linking to my stuff Robb - hopefully someone will step up and give me some pointers. The tracks I have up on SoundCloud are those that I'm fairly happy with - at least to the point where I'm willing to let other people hear them! I'm interested in figuring out how to make things a little less murky. I'm currently trying to take Hydlides advice to strip things out via equalization to create emphasis rather than constantly adding but so far I lack his subtle touch!

Anyway, thanks Robb for continuing to fire out new stuff and ideas on such as regular basis it's appreciated.

Patch-A-Day Robbneu said...

Thank you, 1.44MB, for stepping forward with your tracks. It can be a little frightening, putting yourself out there for criticism, so thanks for doing just that.

I think Hydlide's advice about EQ is probably very spot on, but like you, I lack any kind of subtlety when it comes to doing that. Mastering a track really is an art and although I feel like I'm getting better, I know I still have a lot to learn. Good luck on getting it all straight!

Keep me posted as you put up new songs. I'd definitely be interested in hearing them.