Friday, December 28, 2012

Start The New Year With New Refills!

I try not to go overboard with shameless self-promotion, mostly because it makes me a little uncomfortable, but I did want to remind everyone that you can support Reason Patch A Day by donating to the site or through the purchase of a refill. The breakdown of what is available is described below.

Reason Patch A Day Archive, Four Year Refill

In addition to releasing the 3rd annual refill just a week ago, I merged all of the patches from Reason Patch A Day into one, giant refill that covers all four years of the blog. There are refills that contain more sounds, of course, but the size of this thing still surprises me with well over 1,405 patches and sounds.

  • 184 Bass Patches
  • 64 Combinators: Effects
  • 33 Combinators: Instruments
  • 66 Effect Patches
  • 3 Kong Kits
  • 322 Pad Patches
  • 355 Percussion Patches
  • 67 REX Loops
  • 142 Synth Patches
  • 12 Sampler Patches
  • 157 Samples
  • 5 Yamaha Drum Machine Kits

The Four Year Archive is available to anyone who donates $3 or more to the blog. That's the same price as if you had donated $1 per refill in the past and I'm willing to go back and look through previous purchases to make sure you get caught up, if that makes sense. It wouldn't hurt to remind me if you had purchased previous refills, if you only plan on sending me a dollar or two, but as you already know, I really do appreciate any support I get. Thanks so much!

Kick Toolkit Refill, v1.1

And, if you haven't already purchased it, the Kick Toolkit Refill has been updated recently to include even more analog kick drum samples.

The Kick Toolkit Refill contains:
  • Kick Drum WAVs: 400 unique kick drum samples created using the Jomox Mbase 11 Analog Bass Drum Module, a single voice analog synthesizer fine-tuned for producing a variety of bass drum sounds. Each kick was created specifically for this refill and was sampled at 24-bit resolution, with no outside processing, for the cleanest possible signal and sound.
  • Effects: The Kick Toolkit Refill contains 38 effect patches, using Reason's Scream, RV7000, Pulverizer, and other effect units.
  • Mini-Combis: One or two device Combinators designed specifically for the purpose of manipulating and sculpting kick drum patches and samples. Each Mini-Combi has been programmed with front panel control ranges designed for its limited task to make final tweaks fast and easy. A number of Mini-Combis have also been included to provide presets for devices that do not normally allow for loading and saving patches (ex. BV512 Vocoder). 11 mini-Combis are included, along with 43 additional presets, providing help with compression, equalization, and other general purposes.

The Kick Toolkit Refill costs just $5 and can be purchased using the sidebar link at the top of the page.

Bernard Childcare Trust Refill

And lastly, don't forget that you can still purchase the Bernard Childcare Trust, a collaborative refill from some great sound designers and terrific people. If you didn't already know, proceeds from the refill go to James Bernard's children, so in addition to getting some new sounds for your collection, you're purchase does some good for a valued member of our community.

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