Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Kick Toolkit Refill v1.1 is here!

Did you get my email?

I just sent out messages to everyone who purchased the Kick Toolkit Refill to let everyone know that I have just released a new update to the refill. Version 1.1 includes minor tweaks to navigation and 90 additional kick drum samples, bringing the total number of analog bass drum samples contained within the refill to 400!

If you purchased the refill from me, you should have already received the download link for version 1.1. I know that a couple of people had issues receiving my emails in the past, so if you haven't received anything from me (and it's not hidden in your spam folder), shoot me a message and I'll make sure you get an updated link! You can reach me here.

If you haven't purchased the Kick Toolkit Refill, but think you'd like to add it to your collection of music making tools, you can a little learn more here, or you can just click the link provided in the sidebar at the top right of the page. As in the past, please keep in mind that I fill each order personally, so depending on when you place your order, it may take a few hours for me to respond.

Thank you for continuing to visit Reason Patch A Day and my special thanks go out to everyone that has supported me with a financial contribution. Even a tiny donation means a lot to me and I appreciate your support.