Sunday, September 25, 2011

PAD Challenge: "Original Console Generation" by DJ Mad Wax

DJ Mad Wax, fellow Denverite Reason user and blogger, left a message stating that he'd be unable to put together a new track for this year's Challenge, but he wanted to share a song he put together a while back that he felt fit the requirements.

Original Console Generation - by vocoderecords

As DJ Mad Wax explained, "Original Console Generation" uses a number of PAD sounds in his track. If he has a moment to let me know which patches he used, I'll post the list here, but this is what he had to say about the track:

I've had zero time to work on this due to work life and family stuff :/ plus my laptop is on the fritz and Reason 5 kept crashing. so I have an alternative if amenable - I'm submitting a song I did last year, but

  1. it was finished and completed in 4 hours, one session
  2. mastered on another day in a two hour session, no changes to the original
  3. it uses almost exclusively Reasonpatchaday sounds, except for the drums and the main bass line.

As always, be sure to check out what DJ Mad Wax is up to over on the excellent City of Bass blog.


dj mad wax said...

This is BS - this guy comes up with some lame excuse and posts a track from a year ago?? BAN HIM!

Patch-A-Day Robbneu said...

Hey, its the internet, what can you do? There's always going to be guys like that.

You could make up for it by putting together a new track. Keep me posted. :)

Nikolai said...

What >did< you use for that groooovy bassline?

dj mad wax said...

I'm dying to make new tracks man.. just doing a little more freelance to get that mac I was telling you about..

drums are from Tape 808 from Goldbaby

Bassline is Moog - I think from one of Exode's refills

the rest is from Patchaday - I don't remember the names unfortunately, and don't know if I still have the RPS - I had a laptop disaster and this track was written after my last back up. There's 3 main elements and all of them are PAD sounds - the main swooping pitch bend drone, the creaky frog wierd sounds and another one.. I process them all heavily with combinators effects patches and tweak 'em.

Original Console Generation was a nom-de-plure for a hard trance live PA that I did with Lex Luthor (co-found of vocode project) - I use it for trance stuff.. here's a gritty video from the Live PA