Thursday, September 8, 2011

The 2nd Annual PAD Challenge... Update

So, I originally said the deadline for the PAD Challenge was the weekend, but that deadline has come and gone, with just Nikolai tossing his hat into the ring. While I have no doubt that Nikolai will manage to create enough songs in a week to fill several challenges, I thought I'd leave the window open for a little while longer.

So, check in if you want to join this year's Challenge!


dj mad wax said...

I'm in. I missed your original post as I was traveling. wax

thp808 said...

I'm in! Only just seen this thanks to Mad Wax

Nikolai said...

Glad to have some company! Looking forward to something juicy from MadWax - last years Ostbahnhoff was one of my favorites.

Last years challenge was the kick I needed to actually finish a track and open myself up to critiques from others plus I picked up lots of tips by being able to look under the hood of other peoples tracks.

I know Robb gets multiple hundreds of hits on this site per day - so there must be more than we three slackers able to knock out >something< in a week. Doesn't have to be perfect - I think that's kind of Robbs point - just throw up something that shows how you layer Robbs PADs into your joints.

So if you're trembling on the sidelines jump on in - one way or another it will improve your game.... or you know.... just be fun.

dj mad wax said...

whats the official deadline?

Outlaw said...

I made this in a week, does that count. i Also use reason.. I probably need to tweak it a bit..

Bit quiet too yo..
Get at me:

Patch-A-Day Robbneu said...

Outlaw... did you use any patches from this blog in your song?

Outlaw said...

Yeah blud, there's a patch called "Baby Bird" i think it's called.. and another but i can't remember the name...
I slightly edited a few things and added a distortion preset that i have. There is also more volume and so forth.
I try to make my own Patches out of what people have made. i love hearing other people's patches and how they work sounds, but putting my own little spin on things.

I've been getting patches off this site for a while now and there's some awesome hits.

Do you make beats Robbneu ??