Sunday, February 21, 2010

52 Reason and Record Tips - Week 1

This has been making the rounds just about everywhere, but it's well worth reposting to Reason Patch A Day, in case someone has missed it. James Bernard from Propellerhead Software is posting a video tip for Record or Reason every week.

This week's tip is how to create a "rhythmic gate" in Record. As is often the case, even after so many years of using Reason, I'm surprised by how incredibly flexible the cabling system in Reason/Record can be, and how much freedom the user has in creating these kinds of "out of the box" effects. I know that the Reason/Record package isn't unique in being able to do these kinds of things, but having used Logic for almost as long as I've been using Reason, I still couldn't begin to guess how you might do this same thing in that DAW.

52 Reason and Record Tips by James Bernard Week 1 from James Bernard on Vimeo.

Enjoy! For those of you still sitting on the fence with regards to Record, this video might be a good peek at what you're missing.

Thanks Lewis.72 for letting me know about this over on Resonant Filter.

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