Sunday, July 7, 2013

26 New Thor Patches From Reason Patch A Day

Reason Patch A Day isn't back from the dead, but with the release of the new iPad Thor app, I've been "mighty" inspired. I thought I'd share a few of my new patches for those few people who still drop by here from time to time.


Bass Patches

Pad Patches

Synth Patches


riukii said...

it's good to see that you are still around.
PS: you are making it very hard to comment on things.

si turner said...

I will donate next week if thats cool

thehughman said...

Hey just bought the Thor for iPad and a Carbon49 controller. VERY cool. I want to play old songs and emulate the synth sounds in them. Is there any resource for this? For example if I wanted to play "Just what I needed" from the cars, is there a patch that emulates that synth sound?