Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bragware Report: 3 New Tracks, by Nikolai Bonamente

Reader Nikolai Bonamente (formerly known as 1.44 MB) and I were trading a few emails recently and he let it slip that he's been sticking a PAD sound or two in most of his recent songs. He said:

Just thought I'd let you know your "spicknel" pad is getting an outing in my latest track "Afgan Hound" up on the cloud and "mugwump" is included on the track "times draggin" just below it.


I've just been playing with adding another bassline and string section to "Taratop" and realized it features "Torpidity" really quite prominently!

Nikoali knows how much I enjoy hearing what other people have done with the patches here and was letting me know about his recent tracks as a courtesy, not a quest to get yet another mention here on Reason Patch A Day, but I can't think of any reason not to post his new tracks. This is a blog about making music, after all, so there's always a reason to listen to something new.

Afgan hound by Nikolai Bonamente

Times Draggin by Nikolai Bonamente

taratop by Nikolai Bonamente

Be sure to let Nikolai know what you think about his tracks by leaving him a comment on his Soundcloud page. Thanks, Nikolai!


Nikolai said...

Well I guess I am more than happy to pick up the slack when Robb has stuff to do other than keep us entertained.

I've been pleased to see other people stepping up lately and showing off what they've done with the PADs. The diversity is great - loved Nait's track last week especially as it highlighted 'Hoor' which I think is a great bass patch.

I don't think I have any tracks that are 100% Patchaday but pretty much all of them have at least one contribution in there somewhere. In a lot of cases I'll be playing around with whatever Robb has put up and the whole track spirals from there on.

Feel free to poke around on my soundcloud profile - I'm a fairly diverse producer so there should be something for most people.

Of the three that are highlighted here, 'Afgan Hound' was written for my BiL who's currently getting sand in his teeth in Afghanistan and reflects my current theme of atmospheric breakbeats. 'times draggin' was a result of me listening to too much Richie Hawtin and a recently found love of super airy percussion, while 'Taratop' is a throwback to the days of my youth - fairly straight forward trance with a real Banco de Gaia delicate 303 in the last third plus I loooove the 'torpidity' PAD - always seems like it's on the edge and going to crack and distort but never does.

Well that's how I see them - comments welcome!

Patch-A-Day Robbneu said...

Thanks for the additional insight into your process, Nikolai. I appreciate the constant stream of good songs!

A quick aside, I know the issue is politically charged for a lot of people here in the United States, and is likely even more of a hot topic in places outside of the US, but I wish your brother-in-law well. Regardless of the "whys," he's doing the "when" and "how" every day, so I wish him a safe return home. Please see offer my thanks for his service.