Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Unofficial Korg NanoRack, Pt. II

Do you remember the ridiculousness of my homemade Korg NanoRack earlier this week? Well, despite my better judgement, the NanoRack is now filled with the entire nano Series line.

It's hard to really justify the purchase of the nanoKey, given that I have a couple of different keyboard controllers available to me, but seeing as how my "studio" is also my home office, I don't always have the keyboards out and ready. The nanoKey, with its odd keys and limited usefulness, is much easier to pull out and set up. So, despite it not being as expressive or versatile as my other keyboards, I suspect the nanoKey will see quite a bit of use.


NaviRetlav said...

You should add there usb hub XD

Patch-A-Day Robbneu said...

Definitely! As I mentioned in my first post about my homemake "NanoRack" if I were handy, a built in USB hub would be a great addition!

sticky said...

u have to say to yourself
why did i just get
a real controller
with pads
eq's knobs
and real keys
for the same price

dj wick

Patch-A-Day Robbneu said...

Thanks for your comment, Sticky/DJ Wick. If you've read any of my posts about the nano stuff, such as my recent review for the nanoKey, you would have seen that I actually *do* have other controllers. And, you'd see that the nano stuff fits a different need for me.