Friday, April 24, 2009

Get LoFi Fuzz Kit demonstration

Okay, I admit it, I'm a bit smitten with this thing. Here's a short video showing off the Get LoFi Fuzz Kit, as per Circuitmaster's request:


Dopewerewolf said...

I bought one of these kits and put it together. Still not sure if I did it right. What purpose do the switches serve? Don't all three (input cutoff, output cutoff, power), accomplish the same thing (ie no more sound comes out)? Is there some reason to use the cutoffs? I'm just wondering if it's supposed to function some other way and I just have mine wired wrong.

Patch-A-Day Robbneu said...

The three switches on the Fuzz kit control your power, input bypass, and output bypass. In a very general sense, they do accomplish the same basic thing, but using different switches will have different effects on the sound. The power switch will just turn it off, obviously, but at different volume or distortion levels, you'll still get sound with either the input or output bypass switches turned off. I would say that in most cases you'll want them all "on" but the more you use the fuzz kit, I think you'll find uses for those individual bypasses when working with different instruments or settings.

I'm not sure if I answered your question, Dopewerewolf, but good luck!

Dopewerewolf said...

I sorta thought it might be something like that. I put the whole circuit together and then got busy with other stuff, so I haven't had time to test it out. Hopefully I will get the chance tonight. Then maybe the different effects of the cutoffs will makes sense to me.